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Steps to Respite

Step1: Consider when you would like a break or when you need to be somewhere else.

Step 2: Phone your local office and speak with a staff member about your requirements.

Step 3: The staff member will refer you directly to a Direct Care Services staff member or take down your details and arrange for the appropriate staff member to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Step 4: When making the arrangements for your respite, this staff member will gather all the details needed to allow for a qualified professional Community Care Worker/Contractor to step in and provide care in your absence. The staff member will ask you about the care needs of the person you care for to ensure appropriate care is provided. They will discuss if there is any need for assistance with medication, any health, mobility or behavioural issues or any other issues that will need to be considered to ensure respite is provided in the safest and most enjoyable way.

Step 5: Carers and Disability Link may be able to cover the cost of the respite (pay for the worker or contractor), or they may seek your help in paying for the respite (a contribution toward the cost), or they may seek your permission to contact another organisation who may have this funding. This may mean a person from another agency will contact you to get more details so they can provide these funds.

Step 6: Where able to provide respite, the staff member will seek out a Community Care Worker/Contractor who best matches your needs and the needs of the person you care for. They will then stay with and look after the person you care for in your absence.

Step 7: The staff member will introduce the Community Care Worker/Contractor to you before the respite so you can say if you are happy with their selection. (Remember it is your choice who cares for your family member or friend)

Step 8: If you are happy, then the respite will occur as planned. If you are not happy, the staff member will address your concerns and/or seek an alternate Community Care Worker/Contractor to ensure respite can occur as needed.

Step 9: Please ring Carers and Disability Link if you were not happy with your respite. A staff member will also be in touch to follow up.

Note: When seeking funds from another organisation to pay for the Respite Contractors time, the organisation providing the funds may seek to use a member of their own staff to provide the respite rather than use one of our Community Care Workers/Contractors.