Eight years ago our lives changed forever as my husband was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS. We still lived the same life for about 5 years ago and our situation changed again. He was getting slower as his right leg wouldn’t work properly. We battled on and I bought a walking frame for him to use but he is stubborn and wouldn’t use it!

We were together 24/7 and starting to get in each other’s way when my sister-in-law suggested Carers Link. She explained what might happen and with 1 phone call to them I felt the pressure lift. They explained what happens and we decided to try.

Well, what a difference! He is picked up Mondays one week and Tuesdays the next. He loves playing crib and that is what he does and he has also taught a few other members to play also. The group have a home-cooked meal and, most importantly, my husband gets to talk to other people. We then have something to talk about when he comes home from the day’s events.

We then started to receive invitations to attend luncheons at different hotels and taverns. I get to meet the people that he talks to and I can listen to their stories also. Yesterday I went to a “Pamper Day”. Oh, that was heaven! My husband rode his Gopher up and we had lunch together. The day was organised and made we carers feel like princesses.

Once again I got to talk to other people and I realised I am not alone and that makes me feel so much better. I really think Carers Link saved my sanity and whilst it used to be 24/7 it is now only 24/6! May I suggest to anyone who knows a carer please suggest a phone call and ask what CADL can do to help their situation. It has certainly helped us.