Nuriootpa (Head Office) Kadina Woodside Clare

Value and Action Statements



‘Carers and Disability Link is a highly respected, quality community services provider. We actively empower carers, aged and people with disability to live enriched lives through individualised support and service provision’

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional owners of the land that we live and work on and we respect their spiritual and physical connection to the land known as Australia.

We also:

  • Are responsive to individual differences, cultural diversity and preferences.
  • Promote, assist, empower and enhance the needs of carers and those they care for.
  • Preserve the rights of carers and clients and work in partnership with them to exercise choice and control.
  • Strengthen access options to external services.
  • Raise the profile of carers and clients roles and their contributions within our communities.
  • Encourage carers to identify themselves as carers, to understand their needs, and to have these needs recognised.
  • Identify service gaps and advocate for additional services to meet the perceived need.
  • Advocate for services to improve access and equity to those who are disadvantaged by ethnicity, disability, social, economical, health and age
  • Support people with disabilities to pursue their goals and maximise their independence.
  • Communicate and promote accessible and relevant information.
  • Take seriously our environmental responsibilities with a commitment to the long term aims of sustainable protection of the environment.
  • Promote and support legal and human rights of carers and clients in the provision of services.

Printing Emails

We are advocates for business practices that are environmentally friendly. Please consider the environment before printing email from us.